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Traking toors | evi-tours.com

Traking toors

Tracking can be defined as pedestrian trips for a person, who doesn’t have any special physical training. But for most people it means much more.

Tracking is unique possibility to feel the whole beauty of your country and see historical monuments, being far away from big crowded city. At the mountains sometimes you can see several climatic zones and travel from subtropics to eternal ice.

On each points for halt you may meet with other tourists, share with your impressions and emotions and may be find new friends.

Tracking is a sport for everybody, you just need to be a healthy person and like to walk. Of course the complexity of the route depends on your physical state. Tracking routes can be scaled in accordance with its complexity, depends on quality and quantity of obstacles and geographical features. It can be rated from 1 till 6 where 6 is the most difficult rout for distance not less than 250 km and duration not less than 20 days. This type of tacking needs to be prepared for long-distance walking and if you are just-a-beginner in this type of activity we really don’t advice you to choose the rout with rank 6.

Of course someone can pass this distance within one day for other person it takes around three or five days, everything depends on your own. Most of mountain trips held on the 2000 meter height above the sea. This is not an alpinism and you don’t need some special equipment. The time of each day tracking is around 5-7 hrs.

So we can make a conclusion - you can easily start to track if;

-You are healthy person who is seeking new emotions

- There is a special rout with track

- There are a lot of sights along this track. Because the other feature of tracking is possibility to know about new traditions and culture.

Each day in trip is full of new impressions, and this is not surprising that this type of activity is getting more popular within each year. Many people prefer to explore the beauty of life in motion by themself instead of lying on the beach when real life passes by you.